Manage Your Teams on Autopilot

Try the #1 Productivity App designed for the millions of Teams who are always on the go. We make Team Communication, Scheduling, Attendance and Task Management a breeze

Genio is bringing a digital transformation on the way teams do their job around the world.

Now all work teams, supervisors and staff can be easily connected inside the Genio platform.

Genio is available for iOS, Android and desktop through our web app.

Face ID
Attendance feature

Team members can check-in and check-out with just a few clicks from any smartphone. Genio verifies the identity of the team member through cutting-edge face recognition.

Supervisors can see this information in real time, at a glance, as well as communicate with team leaders, and can create reports for accurate payroll calculation.

Easy Staff Management

In few clicks you can sign-up team members, create teams and assign team leaders.

Smart Job Orders

Manage your tasks and Work Orders from a centralized calendar. Add the instructions, date, time, place and assign them directly to the different leaders of your work teams


Track your teams in

Automatically (GPS) and from any Smartphone, you can locate your teams in real time. You can know how far they are from the client's address, and in some cases receive alerts for delays.

In addition, for a better user experience, you will have easy access buttons to call, chat or view the calendar of each of your teams