Your Retail Operations On Autopilot

We help Retail companies increase their bottom line by dramatically improving their operational efficiency using Artificial Intelligence

Smart Impactful Solutions

Our app is simple to use and implement, and through our state-of-the-art technology specifically designed for the Retail industry, we help our customers increase their bottom line by dramatically improving their operational efficiency.

  1. Increase sales
  2. Decrease payroll costs
  3. Diminish employee turnover
  4. Enhance customer satisfaction
  5. Minimize long lines at cashier registers
  6. Reduce shop-lifting

Genio Analytix Video

Genio Analytix Video is a Deep Learning platform powered by live streaming video that tracks and quantifies customers inside your store in real time, helps you increase your conversion rate, and customer satisfaction. Our system can analyze your checkout lines and alert a manager before they become too long.

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Customer Facial Analysis

Genio automatically cross references data from a criminal database to detect criminals entering the store to alert authorities at the right time.

It can also analyze the attributes of faces in live stream videos to determine customer demographics, such as age and gender.

Demographic Data




Facial Landmarks




Image Quality


Brightness: 31.2 Sharpness: 110


Sentiment Expressed




Welcome To The Era Of Automation

Genio App is designed to automate and optimize in-store operations through Artificial Intelligence.

Now all work teams, supervisors and staff can be easily connected inside the Genio platform.

Genio is available for iOS, Android and desktop through our web app.

# Criminal Detection
# Staff Management
# Gender
# Mood
# Store Traffic

Face ID Attendance Feature

Staff can check-in and check-out with just a few clicks from any smartphone. Genio verifies identity of the staff member through cutting-edge face recognition and can only check-in when in the store grounds through our geofencing technology.

Supervisors can see this information in real time, at a glance, as well as communicate with team leaders, and can create reports for accurate payroll calculation.

Easy Staff Management

Team management, smart scheduling and task assignment are a breeze with Genio.

History-based availability and location optimized over time through A.I.

Out With The Old,
In With The New

Regardless of size, a vast number of companies in the retail industry lack automated systems for their in-store operations, still relying on outdated practices such as paper logs, clock checkers, record books, or printed work orders.

These practices are inherently inefficient, prone to errors and expensive in the long run.